Companies and self-employed


Medium/long-term financing

We help you to boost your business with financing solutions

First Business Loan

A loan of up to €18,000* to start your business project

  • Up to €18,000
  • Discountable variable interest rate
  • Up to 5 years to pay it back
  • Quick processing


Lease the movable and immovable property that your business requires without having to make a large initial investment.

  • Financing of buildings and furnishings
  • Cost savings
  • Possibility to purchase
  • Tax advantages

Vehicle Leasing

Always have a new car at your disposal and save costs with a single monthly fee that includes all associated services. 

  • Economic benefits
  • Customisable installments
  • Convenience in the procedures and formalities
  • Wide variety of vehicles

Línea BEI Financiación

Financiación de proyectos de inversión y necesidades de circulante para PYMES, el impulso que necesitas para tu negocio.

  • Hasta 100% de inversión**
  • Interés competitivo**
  • Activos intangibles
  • Activos productivos

ICO Facility for Companies and Entrepreneurs

A credit line with favourable terms for your productive investments and liquidity needs.

  • Financing
  • Up to €12.5 million
  • Up to 20 years to pay it back
  • No study and opening fees


Count on us for any decision

First Business
Your project, one step closer

All the time you have spent, the ambition, the desire to get started, all backed up by exclusive products and services to make it easier for you.

Your growing business
Take your business to the top

How can you profit from your business capital and get better tax breaks? Decisions are easy when you have the right information and support.





Digital Banking

Your branch, online. Consult and carry out all your banking operations without worrying about opening hours or queues.

Mobile banking

Your Unicaja accounts and products always at hand. Anytime, anywhere.

ATM and branch network

There's always a Unicaja branch and/or ATM near you to carry out your transactions.


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You can also call us  

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