All the hours that you are dedicating to it, the excitement, the desire to start this new phase in your life... You will have the total backing of our exclusive products and services, making your business project a lot easier. Move towards your first business with peace of mind.

First Business
Primer negocio


Mastercard Business Credit Card

The credit card that adapts to your day-to-day professional needs. An efficient and profitable management tool for your business.


Increase your sales with a POS specific to your business. We have a wide range of card payment options for your customers.


First Business Loan

A preferential loan* of up to €30,000 for depositing your salary, with a fixed interest rate and up to 8 years to pay it back.

Vehicle Leasing

Always have a new car at your disposal and save costs with a single monthly fee that includes all associated services. 


Lease the movable and immovable property that your business requires without having to make a large initial investment.


SME and Commerce Insurance for Damages

An insurance policy** that protects your commercial estate or assets against damage to your business. Includes damage to third parties.

Corporate Liability Insurance

An insurance policy** to cover occasional damages to third parties in the exercise of your business activity.


Collection management

Choose the collection system that best suits your business needs.

Bill and tax payments

Check and pay your municipal taxes conveniently from home through Digital Banking.


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