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The European Union is allocating €750 billion to the economic recovery

Register free of charge for the Next Simulator designed for the self-employed and companies to find out whether you can benefit from the new Next Generation European funds. We help you find and process the grants and subsidies that are available for your business. Find out whether your company is eligible for a European grant.

Main Next Generation calls and grants



These subsidies are set out in the "Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan Spain Can", to which €69.5 billion have been allocated.



These guarantees ensure fulfilment of the obligations undertaken by the contracting parties of a product, in addition to allowing access to funding on more favourable terms.



Funding will be activated through loans, the final beneficiary of which must be the company/self-employed person. The beneficiary must meet a series of requirements to choose this option.


Public tenders

Procedures through which public administrations make calls for bids to award contracts aimed at executing works or providing supplies or services.

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Frequently asked questions about Next Generation Funds

What are Next Generation Funds?

The European Commission has created an exceptional temporary budget called Next Generation EU (NGEU), which is geared at driving forward the economy's recovery and its transformation by speeding up its adjustment to decarbonisation and digitalisation.


This programme combines structural reforms with public and private investment to help the European economy overcome the economic and health crises. In fact, the lessons learnt from the last crisis underlie these funds' philosophy, which are intended to strengthen the European Union's resilience and technological capabilities through substantial investments in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, 5G or cybersecurity.


NGEU will mobilise up to €750 billion between 2021 and 2026 and will fund Member States through loan lines and subsidies (€360 billion and €390 billion respectively).

What initiatives can be funded?

Spain's Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan has been structured around ten leveraging policies due to their ability to boost activity and employment. They are responsible for driving forward the economic recovery in the short-term and sustaining the Spanish economy's transformation in a timescale up to 2023.


These ten leveraging policies are organised into thirty components that are in turn subdivided into 110 investments or lines of action and 102 reforms. The European Union Reconstruction Fund has granted Spain €140 billion through non-refundable or direct grants and refundable loans.

How can my company benefit from European grants?

We do not want you pass up the chance of transforming your business. So, if you are thinking about giving your company a 180-degree turn, now is the time.



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Identify yourself, tell us about your interests, provide us with some basic data on your company and the transformation project you intend to undertake and the rest is up to us. We will help you to identify, process and monitor the grants which best suit your company's needs right from the start to the very end.

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All Liberbank customers have become Unicaja customers. You can therefore also benefit from registering for and gaining customer access to the European Grant Next Simulator.

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