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This number is indicative of the product risk, being 1/6 indicative of lower risk and 6/6 of higher risk.

Unicaja Banco, S.A. is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions created by Royal Decree-Law 16/2011, of 14 October, covering a maximum amount of €100,000 (or, in the case of deposits not denominated in euros, its equivalent in the relevant currency) per depositor and per credit institution.

Risk indicator of the account associated with the credit.


Group your insurance policies together into a single bill and pay on a month-to-month basis.


Divide payment of your insurance policies monthly at no cost at all

A.E. R. 0.00 %¹


And, in addition, gain access to special discounts and services.

Plan Uni Seguro, una cuota fija al mes por tus seguros de Unicaja Banco

A single instalment for your insurance policies

You can group your insurance policies marketed by Unicaja together and pay for them through a single instalment at no extra cost with the Uni Insurance Plan by means of an interest-free credit (AER of 0.00%).


For instance, if the total sum of all the policies you pay for in a year amounts to €1,008, you'll pay a instalment of €84 a month over 12 months with the Uni Insurance Plan. That's less than €3 a day².


You can thus avoid making large payments over the course of the year and have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you have to pay each month.

Subscribe the Uni Insurance Plan at your nearest branch

Gain access to special discounts and services just for having the Plan

Along with the convenience of paying a single instalment each month for all your policies, you can also benefit from special advantages with the Uni Insurance Plan³.

Servicios Caser para los titulares del Plan Uni Seguro

Get an 6% discount⁴

Caser offers numerous services to Uni Insurance Plan holders:

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    Access to the Caser Loyalty Programme⁵ as a Silver Customer: 6% discount on the first year's net premium of any new home, health, dental and car (excluding trailers and tractors) insurance policies included in the Uni Insurance Plan; exclusive telephone support service; and quality of service commitment.

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    Caser Platform+Benefits: special prices for health and well-being services, €50 redeemable voucher for maternity and assisted reproduction services, and €20 redeemable voucher for genetics and nutrition services.

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    Caser Dental Cheque: complete check-up, panoramic X-ray and dental cleaning. Discount of up to €100 on orthodontics and implants and of up to €30 on other treatments.

Servicios Unicorp Vida para los titulares del Plan Uni Seguro

10% discount⁴ on your life and accident insurance policies

Unicorp Vida also offers a series of advantages for Uni Insurance Plan customers:

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    10% discount on the first year's net premium of new Life Risk-Free and Accident Insurance policies that are financed through the Uni Insurance Plan.

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    Pharmacogenetics: a DNA study which allows the most effective treatment to be identified for patients suffering serious diseases.

Don't think twice: more convenient payments, control over your expenses and exclusive advantages await you with the Uni Insurance Plan

Frequently asked questions about Uni Insurance Plan

Who can subscribe the Uni Insurance Plan?

Any Unicaja customers wishing to group together the premiums of the insurance policies marketed by Unicaja they have taken out and thus avoid having to pay for all of them at the same time.

What insurance policies can I associate to this plan?

Any policies marketed by Unicaja through Unimediación's intermediation. Policies taken out from other insurance companies cannot be included in this plan, even if they are directly debited at Unicaja.


The types of insurance that can be grouped together include the following: Unicorp Vida (accident or life-risk insurance), Caser (car, health, dental, multi-risk home, payment protection, pet, hunting, comprehensive rental, funeral or accident insurance), Saint Lucía (funeral insurance), Unión Duero Vida (life-risk insurance), CCM Vida (life-risk insurance) and/or Liberbank Vida (life-risk insurance).

Can I include insurance policies I have previously taken out in the plan?

Yes, you can. This plan allows you to group together and finance at any time as many new insurance policies as you have already taken out (provided they have been marketed by Unicaja and mediated through Unimediación).

Is there a maximum and/or minimum number of insurance policies to subscribe this plan?

No, there isn't. With Uni Insurance Plan, the first policy up to any number of insurance policies can be financed, provided the annualised sum of all the premiums does not exceed the amount granted by the credit (maximum of €4,000).

Can I include several policyholders' insurance policies?

The Uni Insurance Plan allows for two policyholders at most (they do not necessarily have to belong to the same family unit).


How and when are the policies included in the Uni Insurance Plan paid for?

The amount drawn down must be repaid in at most 12 months. However, single or multi-year premium insurance policies can be financed over a period of up to 36 months (without exceeding in any case the number of months remaining from the policy's inclusion in the contract until the end of the insurance policy's initial coverage period).

How can I subscribe the Uni Insurance Plan?

You can do so at any Unicaja branch. Fill in the form you can find on this page to request further information.

Does the Uni Insurance Plan have any kind of permanence commitment?

This plan does not involve any kind of permanence commitment. The contract will remain in force until such time as one of the parties decides to rescind it according to the credit policy's general terms and conditions.

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