For homeowners and tenants

You can count on the peace of mind you need in and out of your home regardless of whether you are a homeowner or a tenant.



24-hour home assistance

If an unexpected incident occurs, a team of professionals will be at your disposal to find the best solution.


We cover the most frequent unforeseen events you may encounter

Water damage, breakage of glass or theft, along with third-party liability for you and your home.


Promoción Seguro de Hogar de Unicaja Banco

Limited time offer!

If you take out your Protection Home Insurance online, we will reimburse you 20%¹ of the net premium by paying it into your account.

Insurance with innovative cover, tailored especially for you: a handyman at your home, home appliance repairs, help with homework… and lots more. Know that your home is protected for greater peace of mind!

A home insurance policy which includes exclusive advantages at no additional cost

Bricocaser de Unicaja Banco


A professional is available twice a year to carry out various jobs around the house, with 3 hours of labour and travel included. Materials not included.

Cursos y ayuda escolar para peques de Unicaja Banco

Courses and help with school for the kids

An online platform with courses for primary, secondary, GCSE and A level students with specialised teachers.

Asistencia informática por teléfono de Unicaja Banco

Computer assistance by telephone

Remotely, over the telephone or in person, we help you with any problems you have. Including data recovery!

Servicio Electrocaser de Unicaja Banco

Electrocaser Service

Has your fridge broken down? We fix any faults in your white goods: fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, oven, hob, etc. Up to 300 euros (including VAT), 3 hours of labour per visit and spare parts if they are for replacement.

Take out your home insurance on our Digital Banking service in just three steps



Enter the data of the home to be insured (post code, type of home, use, year built, floor area, etc.) and we will calculate the price of your insurance.



Customise the insurance to your home's needs and specific characteristics. Add any optional coverage you may be interested in.



We will ask you to provide the exact address of the home to be insured and the account to which the bill will be charged. Accept the legal clauses, download the documents and sign the contract.

Other coverage that may interest you

We take care of your elders for you

Take out additional coverage that grants you three hours of the following services each year2 for you and your elders:


     •    Physical care and personal attention
     •    Accompaniment
     •    Assistance and night care

Third-party liability coverage for dangerous dogs

If you have a potentially dangerous dog identified with a microchip at home, you can take out non-contractual third-party liability coverage for any possible bodily and material damages arising from possessing the animal.



Calculate the price of your home's insurance

Calculate the price of your home insurance in just 2 minutes and take out the insurance online without having to leave home

Frequently asked questions about home insurance

What services do Caser Academia and Bricocaser include?

Caser Academia:
  • Language courses for all ages (English, French, German and Italian).
  • Academic support for students at primary, secondary and upper secondary level.


  • Installing cable concealment ducts.
  • Sealing bathtub, shower, sink and kitchen sink joints with silicone.
  • Assembling furniture kits and putting up shelves.
  • Installing bathroom and kitchen accessories that do not involve any plumbing work.
  • Replacing taps, non-recessed stopcocks, cistern mechanisms, hoses, kitchen sink or sink drain/overflow kits, and purging radiators.
  • Hanging curtains, blinds, pictures, clotheslines, mirrors, coat racks and wardrobe rods.
  • Hanging lamps from the ceiling or on walls, where there is an electrical connection.
  • Installing sockets, switches, buzzers or similar items, without changing the box that houses them or the wiring.
  • Placing weatherstripping on windows and affixing glass with silicone.
  • Repairing and replacing non-electric blinds, as well as their straps.
  • Installing or changing handles, doorknobs and latches.
  • Changing door hinges on wood furniture.
  • Placing wall corner guards and joint flashings between different kinds of flooring.
  • Adjustments to sanitary fitting (washbasin, toilet or bidet) fasteners, ensuring screws or toilet lids are well adjusted.

If I subscribe the insurance online, would I have the same terms and coverage as if I were at a branch?

The coverage and services are the same regardless of whether the subscription is done online or at any of our Unicaja Banco branches. Consult the terms and conditions if there is an ongoing promotion.

What is the home insurance's payment method?

You can choose the payment method that best suits you. In a single annual payment or splitting the premium in quarterly or half-yearly bills (there will be a 2% surcharge if you split the premium half-yearly and a 4% surcharge if you do so quarterly). And if you wish to pay for it in convenient monthly instalments without having to pay the surcharge for splitting the payment, check the advantages offered by the Uni Insurance Plan (credit solely intended for your insurance premium payments).

How can I get in touch if I have to file a claim concerning my home?

The Caser emergencies and claims call centre can be reached at 915 909 752 and is available 24 hours a day throughout the year.

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