Simulate the cost

You can calculate the cost of the advance using a simple simulation. You can collect one or several invoices in advance on a one-off basis or do so automatically.


Save time

Query the status of each invoice on our Unicaja Confirming Supplier Portal quickly and easily.



Easy and fast

You can view your invoices without having to register for the portal. You just need a confirming offer.



Unicaja will pay your invoices in advance. The financing will not appear in your CIRBE (Bank of Spain Risk Information Centre) record.

Find out about the Unicaja Confirming Supplier Portal

A simple practical tool which allows you to query all matters related to the collection of your invoices.


You must have a confirming offer to access the portal. You can access it in query mode or, if you prefer, register online by following a few simple steps.


We sort out your doubts

If you are supplier and need any help or have any doubts about how this service works, give us your details and we will get in touch with you.

Do you own a company and would like your suppliers to benefit from this service?

The Unicaja Confirming Service allows you and your suppliers to save time and effort.

Frequently asked questions about invoice collection in advance

I am a supplier. How does it work?

In order to benefit from this service, your customer must have first subscribed the Unicaja Confirming Service. If that is the case, you will be given access to the Unicaja Confirming Supplier Portal.


You can view the invoices you have issued to your customer along with their payment due dates on this portal. You can decide whether you wish to collect the invoices on their due dates or get them paid in advance on a one-off basis or automatically in exchange for a fee.


We will tell you how it works step by step:

  1. The party that has subscribed the Unicaja Confirming Service —your customer—, sends a remittance of the invoices they wish to inform you about with the different due dates.
  2. Unicaja will inform you about the list of invoices issued in your favour through an e-mail or by post.
  3. You will then have the option of deciding whether you wish to wait for the invoices' due date or request a one-off advance payment of one or all the invoices you have been informed about. You can also choose to opt for automatic advance payments of any future invoices that are sent and receive payment thereof in your account as soon as the customer sends the invoices through the Unicaja Confirming Service.
  4. Unicaja will make the payment in due time and proper form.

For example:


A bespoke furniture design company that is a customer of the Unicaja Confirming Service orders some solid oak wood boards from you. The due date on your invoice states payment at 90 days. However, due to your liquidity needs, you decide not to wait and you opt to get paid in advance through the Unicaja Confirming Supplier Portal, accepting payment minus the relevant interest. As a result, Unicaja will pay you the invoice minus said interest within three business days at most.

Do I have to be Unicaja customer?

No, you don't. This service is for any company or self-employed person regardless of whether or not they are a customer of the institution. Your customer, however, must have subscribed the Unicaja Confirming Service to be able to offer you all these benefits. In order to be able to enter the Portal, you just need to have a confirming offer, either to enter it in query mode or register for it.

As a supplier, what financing options do I have?

You can choose whether you wish to collect your invoices in advance on a one-off basis or automatically for a fee. You can get one, all or the invoices you choose paid in advance. You can do it conveniently on the Unicaja Confirming Supplier Portal.

I am a supplier and also a Unicaja customer and I have subscribed Collection Management Service. Are they incompatible?

No, they aren't. If you are a user of the Collection Management Service, you can continue using it as you have been using it up to now or register for the new Unicaja Confirming Supplier Portal and the new functionalities it places at your disposal. Registering is very easy and will take you just a few minutes. Enter the Portal with your confirming offer and choose the Register option. You will have to fill out some documents and we will send you a PIN the following day, which will allow you to log in to the Portal whenever you need.

Does it use up risk limits or is it reflected in the CIRBE (Bank of Spain Risk Information Centre)?

No it doesn't. Advance payments neither use up risk limits nor are they reflected in the CIRBE.

My company is a foreign company. Can I use this service?

Of course you can. In addition, you can do so in the most commonly used currencies.

I have chosen advance payments. Can I automate upcoming payments?

Yes, you can automate advance payments and forget about requesting it in the future.

What is non-recourse confirming?

Non-recourse confirming allows you, as a supplier, to obtain liquidity in advance by delegating the risks of the customer defaulting to Unicaja.

Can we help you?

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