Improve the relationship with your suppliers

Your suppliers will be able to collect invoices on the agreed due date or in advance.



Save time

Reduce your administrative workload and simplify payments to your domestic and foreign suppliers.


You remain in control

You can control the status of your remittances at all times on the Unicaja Digital Banking Service.

Finance your payments or collect invoices in advance

Facilities for you, advantages for your suppliers.

Centraliza tus pagos - Unicaja Banco Confirming

Centralise your payments

Unicaja Confirming allows you to centralise your supplier payments system. Thanks to this service, your suppliers can collect invoices on the agreed due date and offers them the option of collecting invoices in advance.


This service will allow you to save on management costs and improve the relationship with your suppliers by offering them the possibility of collecting their invoices in advance.

Unicaja Confirming seguridad para tus proveedores

Security for your suppliers

Your suppliers will be able to collect their invoices in advance on a one-off basis or automatically without having to wait for the invoices' due date. Unicaja will take charge of paying them in advance and deduct an amount for interest and fees.

Mantén tu liquidez en momentos clave - Unicaja Banco Confirming

Ensure your liquidity at key moments

You can request us to defer payment of your suppliers' invoices. Unicaja will pay them in due time and proper form; in other words, either in advance or on the due date.

How can the Unicaja Confirming Service be subscribed?

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Are you a supplier and work with a Unicaja Confirming customer?

Collect your invoices in advance on the Unicaja Confirming Supplier Portal.

Frequently asked questions about Unicaja Confirming

What is Unicaja Confirming?

It is a financial service offered by Unicaja to companies so they can manage and speed up payments to their suppliers without using up their risk limits. Under this service, Unicaja will take charge of making payments to suppliers on behalf of the customer company in accordance with the invoices issued by said suppliers. Suppliers are additionally given the option of collecting in advance the invoices issued in their favour without using up their risk limits and without any approvals or procedures that lengthen the process.

How does it work?

  1. The party that has subscribed the Unicaja Confirming Service sends on the Digital Banking Service a remittance of the invoices they wish to inform their suppliers about with the different due dates.
  2. Unicaja will then inform the suppliers about the list of invoices issued in their favour through an e-mail or by post.
  3. The suppliers —regardless of whether or not they are Unicaja customers— can decide whether to wait for the invoices' due dates or to request on the Unicaja Confirming Supplier Portal one-off payment of one or all the invoices included in the list and/or request automatic payment in advance of any future invoices that are issued and receive payment thereof in their account at the same time as the customer sends the invoices to Unicaja through the Unicaja Confirming Service.
  4. If the party that has subscribed the service wishes to protect their liquidity, they have the possibility of deferring payment without detriment to their suppliers collecting them in due time and proper form, given that Unicaja will make the payments.

We explain it in greater detail in the following example:


A bespoke furniture design company subscribes the Unicaja Confirming service. It purchases solid oak wood boards from three different suppliers in September, two of which are domestic suppliers (A and B) and one is a foreign supplier (C), agreeing to pay the invoices in 90 days. Supplier A prefers not to wait and gets paid in advance through the Unicaja Confirming Supplier portal in exchange for interest. Suppliers B and C prefer to wait for the due date. Once the 90 days have elapsed, the furniture design company prefers to defer payment. However, since it has subscribed this service, Unicaja makes the payment to the suppliers in due time and proper form.

Who is it aimed at?

The Unicaja Confirming Service is aimed at the institution's customer companies wishing to improve their administrative management and provide liquidity to their suppliers without using up risk limits (it will not appear in its CIRBE, or Bank of Spain Risk Information Centre, record). The supplier—regardless of whether or not it is a Unicaja customer—can manage its requests in an autonomous fashion on the Unicaja Confirming Supplier Portal.



Granting of the Unicaja Confirming Service is subject to institution's criteria.


What difference is there between a promissory note and the Confirming Service?

Both are financial instruments used to administer payments and business transactions. Although they have some similarities, they also have significant differences:

  • Promissory note: A promissory note is a debt document through which a person or entity (called the payor or drawer) promises to pay another person or entity (called the payee or drawee) unconditionally. It is essentially a written agreement to pay a specific amount of money at a certain time. A promissory note can be used as a form of financing or as a guarantee of payment.
  • Confirming: Also known as reverse factoring, it is a service which is responsible for administering payments to suppliers on behalf of a customer company. The customer company authorises Unicaja to pay invoices to its suppliers on its behalf within the agreed time limits through the Unicaja Confirming Service. In keeping with the customer company's instructions, Unicaja becomes the payor and makes payments to suppliers. The customer company must subsequently reimburse Unicaja the amount corresponding to the invoices that have thus been paid.

Can I use the Unicaja Confirming Service with my foreign suppliers?

Of course you can. In addition, you can do so in the most commonly used currencies.

How far in advance must I issue payment orders?

Make sure you create payment orders at least five business days in advance.

How can a supplier request payment in advance?

If you are a supplier, you must register for the new Unicaja Supplier Portal in order to request payments in advance.

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