point of sale (POS)


Increase sales

The availability of card payment removes potential purchase barriers for your customers.

Faster payment speed

Transactions carried out with POS are credited to your account on the same day.

More potential customers

Payment by card is commonly accepted worldwide.

Greater security

Avoid handling large amounts of cash and the risk of possible thefts.



A faster, more convenient and secure payment system

The POS or payment terminal is used to take card payments in your establishment or business. Sales can be carried out face-to-face, by telephone or online.

Avoid trips to the branch

Transactions collected through POS payments are paid directly into your account, so you don't have to go to your branch to deposit cash.

Supported cards

POS is valid for Unicaja Banco cards, EURO 6000 cards from the confederation of savings banks, Mastercard / Maestro cards, VISA cards and other cards such as 4B, Eufiserv, JCB, VPay, etc.

A better image for your office

By using POS you also avoid currency exchanges and help project a more innovative image for your business.

The type of POS you require depends on your business:

Comercio con mostrador y línea ADSL que realiza un elevado número de operaciones y necesita mayor rapidez y agilidad.

POS Type (Payment terminal)


Restaurantes, terrazas, y en general comercios que necesitan desplazar el datáfono hasta el cliente para realizar el cobro siempre delante de él.

POS Type (Payment terminal)

TPV Bluetooth (inalámbrico)

Rent a car, restaurantes, venta a domicilio, empresas de servicios aeroportuarios, stands en ferias y exposiciones... y en general, establecimientos sin línea telefónica que requieren movilidad.

POS Type (Payment terminal)

TPV GPRS (por teléfono móvil)

Hoteles, rent a car, centrales de reservas, alquileres, y cualquier establecimiento que necesite realizar ventas no presenciales.

POS Type (Payment terminal)

TPV con operatoria de Venta Distancia

Comercios online que admitan pago con tarjeta. En realidad es un sencillo software que se instala en el servidor de tu página web y te proporciona la conexión con la pasarela de pagos de Unicaja Banco, realizandose la transacción de forma ágil y segura en tiempo real.

POS Type (Payment terminal)

TPV Virtual

Contractual process

In order to avail of the POS service, you can go to  any of our Unicaja Banco branches, where we will be delighted to assist you.


If you prefer, you can also apply for the POS service by filling in the application form and indicating at which branch you'd like to process it. We will contact you shortly.


Remember, if you have any questions or queries, you can call our customer service team on: +34 952 07 62 24.

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