Bizum for online purchases

Choose Bizum to pay for your online purchases

Make your online purchases with Bizum

Supplementing the payment service between individuals, Bizum also allows you to pay for your Internet purchases.

Search for Bizum payment at associated merchants

Choose to pay with Bizum at any online merchants that have this payment method available.

No need to enter your account or card number

Pay for your online purchases by entering your mobile telephone number and your Bizum code, without having to enter your account or card number.

Pay securely, quickly and very easily!

Bizum is a secure payment method for online purchases which is integrated into the Unicaja Banco app.

You just need to set your Bizum code on the Unicaja Banco app

Bizum is a secure, quick and very easy-to-use way of paying for your e-commerce purchases without having to enter your account or card number. You just have to choose Bizum as the payment method, enter your mobile telephone number and the Bizum code, which you can set on the Unicaja Banco app.

Paying with Bizum at online merchants in three steps


Choose to pay with Bizum

Once you have finished your purchase and you are about to pay at the online store, select Bizum as the payment method.


Enter your mobile telephone number

You will then have to enter your mobile telephone number and your Bizum code (a four-digit code).


Validate the purchase

Lastly, you will have to validate the purchase by entering the temporary security code we will send you to your mobile telephone.

Find out everything you can do with Bizum

Aside from paying at online merchants, find out about the advantages offered by Bizum to send and receive money instantly on the Unicaja Banco app.

Frequently asked question about using Bizum for making payments at online merchants

What is the Bizum code?

It is a four-digit numeric code which allows you to make purchases at all online merchants that accept Bizum as a payment method. You can set it or change it whenever you want by following these steps.

Are there any fees for Bizum payments at online merchants?

Paying with Bizum at online merchants does not involve any additional cost or expense. It is a free service for Unicaja Banco customers.

Who should I contact if I encounter any problems when making a payment with Bizum at an online merchant?

In the event of any incidents related to Bizum, you can get in touch with the Unicaja Banco Customer Service Department at 952 07 62 63 or 900 151 943, as well as on our social media:  Twitter @UnicajaResponde.

Can I return a product bought with Bizum?

As is the case with any kind of payment method, returning products depends on the terms and conditions set out in the sales policy of the establishment where you have made the purchase. You must therefore directly request the merchant for the payment's reimbursement.

Are there any maximum and minimum amounts for making payments with Bizum at online merchants?

The minimum and maximum amounts set by Bizum for making payments at online merchants are as follows:

  • Minimum and maximum amount for each payment transaction: minimum of €0.50 / maximum of €1,000.
  • Maximum amount for daily payments: €1,000.
  • Maximum amount for payments in a calendar month: €6,000.

How can I change my Bizum code?

If you don't remember your Bizum code or wish to change it, you can set a new code on the Unicaja Banco app. Find out about the steps to reset your code here. Which merchants accept payments with Bizum?

¿Qué comercios aceptan pago con Bizum?

More and more online merchants are accepting Bizum as a payment method. Query the updated list on the Bizum website.

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