Bizum for online purchases

Pay in online stores right now using your bizum password!

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Quick, convenient and safe

Choose the pay with Bizum button in participating online stores. You just have to provide your mobile number and the Bizum Password to pay. You can shop with just your mobile telephone.

In increasingly more online stores

See which stores accept Bizum. Increasingly more online stores participate in this payment method.

Shop online easily with bizum from the unipay app

What is Bizum for online store payments?

It is a new payment method that complements mobile to mobile payment to pay in online stores without having to use your card. To do so, you only need your telephone and your Bizum password.

What is the Bizum password?

The Bizum password is a code with which you may shop in all stores that have the Bizum button as an accepted means of payment. It works in a similar way to the PIN of a card, that is, a sole password for all purchases, comprised of 4 numerical digits which you decide, only you know and that you can change whenever you want. 

How to generate the Bizum Code?

If you already have Unipay installed on your mobile telephone, identify yourself and go to Settings – Bizum password.

If you have not installed Unipay, download it from your market, follow the steps to sign up and then go shopping!

Remember that in order to use Unipay, you must have the Digital Banking passwords, so it is necessary to have subscribed that service.

How to recover my Bizum Password?

Enter Unipay, settings, Bizum password, and follow the steps provided there.  



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