How do i make a wire transfer?

Go to the "Move money" section from the main menu and then the "Today I need" section on the page and click "To make a transfer".


Follow the four steps below:


Origin (step 1)

  • Choose the account from which you wish to send your money.

Destination (step 2)

  • Choose "To a contact" or "Among my accounts" as needed.
  • If you choose a contact, select a frequent contact or add the contact to whom you wish to send money. You must have their complete name and account number at hand. You can also save that contact as a recurrent contact to make transactions much faster in the future.

Amount and remittance method (step 3)

  • Enter the amount, the purpose of payment and choose the remittance options: either "As soon as possible" or "Schedule".
  • If you choose "As soon as possible", you can select it from the remittance methods available.
  • If you choose "Schedule the transfer", you can choose the date and even a frequency should it be a recurrent transfer.

Summary (step 4)

  • You will be displayed a summary to check before making the transfer. Check that the data you have entered are correct. If you need to make any changes, select the "Edit" option.
  • Lastly, sign your transfer and it's done!

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