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Enrolment Loan

So studying is your only concern

Are you a client and do not have access codes?

Study without any worries

We offer you a loan to finance your studies' enrolment fee in full up to a maximum amount of €4,000(1).

No fees and interest-free

This loan at an interest rate of 0%(1) does not have any front-end or assessment fees.

Very easy

To apply for an Enrolment Loan, you must have subscribed the following services: account + debit card + Digital Banking service, which are free(2) if you are between 18 and 27 years age.

Repay it in a year

Because you have to term of up to 12 months to repay your enrolment fee.



The Enrolment Loan allows you to finance the full amount of your studies' enrolment fee up to a maximum of €4,000 and you won't have to pay any interest, since we offer you a fixed interest rate of 0%(1).


Don't pass up the chance of studying by paying for your enrolment fee in 12 months without having to pay any kind of fees.


A loan for students of any type of education

Thanks to the Enrolment Loan, you'll be able to commence your studies on the right foot, carry on with the studies you are doing or take up that educational project again you had on hold for a while.


The Enrolment Loan from our offering of financing products for studies is aimed at all kinds of specialised education. It is a loan for university students, vocational training and special scheme teaching at the same time.


Besides, it doesn't matter where you are doing your studies because the Enrolment Loan is valid for both public and private centres, including online courses.

Is the Enrolment Loan a loan for university students?

University students can apply for an Enrolment Loan, but vocational training and special scheme teaching students (artists, sportsmen, religious studies and foreign language studies) may also do so.

Can students without a salary apply for an Enrolment Loan?

Yes, they can. It is not necessary to have a salary to obtain an Enrolment Loan. However, it is necessary to have a personal guarantee or ask your parents, guardians or any other person that guarantees the transaction to provide security.

Is the Enrolment Loan compatible with paying for the university enrolment fee in instalments?

Yes, it is possible to obtain an Enrolment Loan and at the same time request deferred payment of your university enrolment fee or any other kind of tuition fee for the studies mentioned above.

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Application process Enrolment Loan

In order to be able to subscribe the Enrolment Loan, you may go to any of our Unicaja Banco branches where we will be pleased to attend you.


If you prefer, you may also apply for the Enrolment Loan by filling in the application form and stating which branch you prefer to process it at. We shall shortly contact you.


Remember that, in the event of any doubt or query, you may call our customer care service: +34 952 07 62 63.


Grant Advance

Grant Advance

With the Grant Advance you will get 100% in advance of your grant the Ministry of Education grant the Ministry of Education, up to 3,000 euros.

View Grant Advance
Study Loan

Study Loan

A loan of up to €30,000 to do the studies you want with a fixed interest rate and a five-year term to repay it.

View Study Loan

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