We have included pharmacogenetics(1), a new service in the life insurance(2) we market, so you can receive more personalised treatment through a DNA study should you suffer a serious illness, thereby reducing adverse effects and making the treatment more effective right from the very start.


Taking care of you is in our DNA

Pharmacogenetics: availability of the service

Breast cancer

The genetic study is aimed at finding out how the patient responds to the anti-tumour drugs that are frequently used for breast cancer and determining their specific toxicity risk. Should it exist, an effort will be made to determine the degree of the drug's efficacy.

Myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction

After aspirin, clopidogrel is the most commonly used drug for myocardial infarctions and cerebral infarctions. Pharmacogenetics allows us to know to what extent the patient will transform clopidogrel and therefore benefit from its effects.

Colorectal cancer

Pharmacogenetics seeks to find out how the patient responds to the anti-tumour drugs usually used to treat this illness and to avoid drugs that will either not be useful for the patient or will almost certainly cause them serious adverse effects.


A drug called phenytoin is frequently used to treat epilepsy. It is a very sensitive drug because small changes in its dosage can lead to adverse results. Thanks to pharmacogenetics, a genetic analysis allows us to find out the variations which determine the drug's metabolisation.

Deep-vein thrombosis and pulmonary thromboembolism

Pharmacogenetics serves to ascertain the risk of suffering new episodes of these pathologies and to adopt new reinforced prevention measures when medication is taken that increases the risk of thrombosis or in circumstances that increase its risk.


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