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This information describes the risk of the Pension Scheme and may vary over time. It is calculated on the basis of simulated data that, however, may not be considered to constitute a reliable indication of the future risk profile of the Scheme. The risk profile information of each Scheme is available at Unicaja Pension Plans Catalogue. The scale of risk of the pension schemes promoted ranges from 1 to 7.

Collecting the pension payments or exercising the redemption right is only possible in the case of any of the contingencies or exceptional liquidity cases governed by the regulations on Pension Schemes and Funds taking place.


The value of the mobilisation fees, of the pension payments and the exceptional cases of liquidity depend on the market value of the Pension Fund assets and this may cause relevant losses.


Responsible consumption to change the world

Day-to-day life generates a footprint that has a direct impact on the environment. We focus on energy efficiency in order to reduce it.


Commitment to eco-mobility

We encourage the transition towards a "greener" lifestyle by getting involved in our customers' sustainable mobility.


Investment with environmental and social criteria

Our investment funds and pension plans invest by thinking about the future on the basis of environmental and social criteria.


Financing for sustainable business projects

We offer financing for business projects which promote economic development based on sustainability.

Hipoteca Oxígeno de Unicaja Banco

Oxygen Mortgage

Efficiency pays off

A mortgage for more efficient homes that contributes to lower energy consumption, sustainability and caring for the environment.

Vida Sostenible - Financiación

Condominium property loan

Finance your building's energy efficiency works and measures

Your condominium property owners' association can get the financing it needs to carry out works or incorporate efficiency measures with this loan1. And cut down on your energy consumption!

Vida Sostenible - Coche eco

Ecomobility loan¹

Purchase your ecological car and start saving on fuel

If you think the time has come to leave fossil fuels behind and you want to buy a low-emission vehicle (electric or hybrid), benefit from the terms and conditions of our "green" financing.

Vida Sostenible - Invertir verde

Investment funds

Invest in change through a socially responsible fund

Why not invest your savings in an investment fund committed to caring for the environment and people?

Vida Sostenible - Plan de pensiones

Uniplan sustainable future

The pension plan that thinks about your and the planet's future

Plan for your retirement without forgetting about your money's impact. Our sustainable pension plan invests in companies having an environmental, social and governance impact.

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If you are a company or self-employed and wish to carry out a project related to sustainability or the energy transition, find out which grants are available for you on our European Grant Next Simulator.

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