Acceso seguro de Unicaja Banco

Biometric authentication (fingerprint or face authentication) on the Unicaja app to enhance login and transaction security.

Seguridad en Unicaja Banco

Reinforced security for transactions through the sending of SMS codes, app notifications and/or coordinates cards.

Tarjetas de Unicaja Banco

PIN-protected cards equipped with EMV chip technology to make your purchases and payments more secure.

Monitorización de tus operaciones en Unicaja Banco

Constant monitoring of your transactions to prevent fraud.

Have you lost your card or has it been stolen?

If you have lost your card, it has been stolen, you have detected a suspicious transaction or the security of your transactions has been jeopardised, call us immediately to block your Unicaja card. You can also block it on the Digital Banking service or at any of our branches.

Do you think you have been a victim of fraud?

If you think that the security of your accounts or cards has been jeopardised, get in touch with us by phone from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (except national holidays) or write to us.

Handling of fraud complaints

A form is available to you so that you can easily provide us with the documentation related to your complaint.

Does somebody know your login password?

Change your login password as soon as possible. Once the change has been made, your former password will no longer be operational and may not be used to gain access to your Digital Banking service.

Protección online de Unicaja Banco
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    Our SMS messages do not include links. We will therefore never ask you to log in to your Digital Banking service using them.
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    Always ensure that the address on your browser is that of Unicaja (
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    Keep your device updated, use an antivirus and avoid connecting through public Wi-Fi networks.

Protección online de Unicaja Banco
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    Before opening an e-mail, check the sender's address and do not open any attached files sent by unknown senders. Our e-mails are always sent from addresses ending in
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    We will never call you to ask you for your login passwords or security codes.
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    Never share your card's information by e-mail, SMS or messaging services.

Usa tus tarjetas de Unicaja Banco de modo más seguro
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    Make sure that your PIN is not a number than can be easily guessed. Never share it or jot it down on a piece of paper.
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    When paying at a shop, handle the card yourself and do not leave it in the hands of the cashier.
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    Always set the card limit in keeping with your needs and transactions.
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    At the slightest suspicion of fraud, theft or loss, deactivate the card on your Digital Banking service or call us.

Banca Digital de Unicaja Banco
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    Only log in to your Digital Banking service on devices you can trust or on our app. Avoid using a public Wi-Fi network.
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    Download our app from official markets and make sure you keep it updated to the latest version.
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    Do not save your password on mobile devices or PCs and avoid having the same password for other applications.
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    Check your bank movements regularly and, if you detect any suspicious movements, call us.

Security of our system

At Unicaja, we have the necessary measures to ensure that your transactions and queries have the highest level of security.


To this end, Unicaja provides a secure environment for both transactions and queries made through its website and all forms existing there that contain personal data. To check that you are on a secure website, the web address should start with https://. The latest versions of browsers support these types of certificate, indicating the authenticity of the website visited.


Additionally, together with the image of the security lock, it also includes information about the Legal Company that owns the accessed website (in our case, UNICAJA BANCO, SA). By clicking on this area, you can obtain information about the certificate used.


If, on the other hand, the address bar appears shaded in red, beware of that site as it could be fraudulent.


If you use browser versions that do not support these features, the address bar will not appear shaded.


Our portal,, is in a secure web area.


All information exchanged between your computer and Unicaja's web server undergoes an encryption process that prevents unauthorised third parties from accessing the information or intercepting communications between the customer and the bank. This encryption is based on the TLS protocol and uses 256-bit encryption keys.


The Unicaja web server has been certified by DigiCert, an international certifying authority, so that you can rest assured that you are really connected to Unicaja.


The servers are protected by the most advanced technology available.

Internet security recommendations

For your peace of mind, when you browse the Internet, especially when it comes to making transactions through Digital Banking, our Internet Banking service, we recommend that you follow these safety tips:

Digital Banking security measures

Internet security is an essential nowadays that requires effort from both Internet users and the companies that provide services through the web.


Unicaja, aware of this, has taken all necessary measures to make its website a place that can be browsed securely. Some of these actions are summed up in the following points:

  • Secure server hosting: All information exchanged between your computer and our web server undergoes an encryption process that prevents unauthorised third parties from accessing the information or intercepting communications between the customer and the bank. This encryption is based on the TLS protocol and uses 256-bit encryption keys.
  • Advanced DNS: our server is set up so that telecommunications operators can detect phishing using the name of Unicaja.
  • Anti-phishing service: our permanent monitoring service detects attempted identify thefts even before they occur.

View more security measures

Security measures on our cards

Through various security measures, we work to protect you against the theft, loss, or unauthorised use of your debit and credit cards.


Purchases in physical stores.


Our cards have an integrated EMV chip with PIN technology.


All Unicaja cards have an integrated EMV chip as a security feature that protects against cloning and against the risk of fraud by authenticating the cardholder data in encrypted form. This way, you simply enter your personal identification number (PIN) when using the card for purchases at physical stores. With this method, you no longer need to sign the receipt on carrying out the transaction.


More information

Of interest for your security


How to create secure passwords

The password is privacy's first line of defence. That is why it is important to change the password frequently and to create passwords that are easy to remember but which contain letters, numbers and symbols.


How to identify fraudulent online sales sites

In order to ensure that your online experience is as pleasant as possible, it is very important to learn how to detect possible signs of a scam.


What is carding and how to protect yourself from it?

Carding is the fraudulent use of credit card data which has been obtained unlawfully in various ways. According to experts, there is growing trend in this kind of fraud affecting users in all countries.

Can we help you?

Also at 952 076 263 or through the contact form.

Our telephone service hours are Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (except national holidays).

We also put other contact methods at your disposal: